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I'm Sorry Mr. Pancake

But You Blow!!!

I am Taryn here me ROAR!
"sixteen candles", "the breakfast club", bandannas, barrel racing, bath and body works, ben stiller, big-ass trucks, brownies, bubble gum, butterflies, cabo matic, cabo taco, cabo wabo, cake, chocolate, christmas, claire danes, clueless, cruises, cupcakes, cute old men, cute shoes, daisies, daria, degrassi, digital clocks, dollar, drama, drawing, dressage, edgar allen poe, eeyore, eminem, epson printers, eventing, expensive italian hand lotions, expensive little showdogs, eyelashes, fiestas, finding nemo, fireworks, fresca, friends, fries, friesans, frosting, getting packages, giggling, girl talk, god, good and plenty, green grass, greeting cards, high heels, horses, hunter jumper, i love the 80's, journals, juliet, jute boxes, ketchup, kissing, kittens, l.a., laughing, leonardo dicaprio, lime green, louis vuitton, low calorie foods, m&m's, mac and cheese, makeup, manicures, massages, molly ringwald, movies, mtv, mustangs, my horseshoe necklace, my so called life, painting, pillows, pink, pink fuzzy pens, pink paper, poetry, polka dots, polowraps, post-its, pretty in pink, puppies, purell hand saintizer, purses, reading, ribbon, rollercoasters, romeo, romeo and juliet, roses, salad, seabuscuit, secret gardens, seeing movies (really anything), sense of humor, seventeen, sewing, shakespeare, shopping, shopping sprees, singing, skipping merrily through meadows, sleeping, sleeping in the rain, smiles, snow globes, soles of my feet, southern california, spaghetti, stadium, starbucks, strawberry lipgloss, summer, swimming, taco bell, taco loco, talking on the phone, the 50's, the beach, the color pink, the kentucky derby, the wizard of oz, the word "fuzzy", theatre, tic tac toe, tigs, william shakespeare, writing, yellowcard